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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to complete a review?
That depends on the length of the document and the author's writing skills. I can usually complete a review within 3 business days.
What format does my dissertation need to be in to be submitted?
MS Word, double-spaced
Why don't you re-write sections that need to be improved?
The types of writing challenges that require that sections of a dissertation be re-written are beyond the scope of my services and suggest that the author may need additional support in developing his or her writing skills. 
Do you allow partial payments?
No. Payment must be received in full before the reviewed dissertation is returned to the author.
Do you accept personal checks?
Yes, but only as a last resort. Paying by check will cause delays in receiving your reviewed document, which isn't released until payment has been processed.
Will you proof my dissertation again once I've made changes to make sure I caught them all?
I can, but please keep in mind that any additional work will be considered a new project and invoiced accordingly.
Do you proofread documents in languages other than English?
Can you add a Table of Contents to my dissertation?
No. These are dynamic pages with section titles and page numbers that can change many times during the course of preparing your dissertation. They should be the last portion of the dissertation, finalized after all edits have been made.
I'm not finished my dissertation yet. Can I send it in sections?
Yes. However, keep in mind that each section will be invoiced and must be paid for individually.
Does computer software do the proofreading? Is your process automated?
No. I personally read/review each dissertation at least three times.
How will you deliver my reviewed document?
Once the review has been completed and payment processed, the document will be returned by email with general comments included in the cover email and specific findings and recommendations contained within the document utilizing the Track Changes features in Word.
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